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Baldur's Gate 3 Best Heavy Armor (& How To Get Them)

Aug 27, 2023Aug 27, 2023

For the best defense in Baldur's Gate 3, players should collect the following most powerful armor in the game.

Armor is a critical element of a player’s arsenal in Baldur’s Gate 3, primarily since D&D mechanics declare Armor Class and other defensive characteristics based on the armor they wear. While Baldur’s Gate 3 offers the usual slate of Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor for most characters, specific equipment provides additional benefits that can help carry characters through much of the game’s midgame to the endgame.

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Key to a player’s heavy-hitting arsenal is substantial defense, which Heavy Armour almost always provides them. Compared to Light Armour and Medium Armour, which facilitate faster movement and stealth, Heavy Armour foregoes many benefits in exchange for pure defensive capabilities. For players looking for Heavy Armour to outfit their tanks and other heavy hitters, the game has a preferred slate of armor pieces to wear.

Among the Heavy Armor players will encounter in their Baldur’s Gate 3 experience, the Ring Mail will be the first they may encounter in their experience. Likewise, its Ring Mail Armour +2 variant is this piece of gear's strongest and rarest type. Giving the appearance of metal rings fortifying a vest, the Ring Mail Armour is the closest to a “civilian” wear that players have that retains Heavy Armor's strength.

At its core, Ring Mail Armour +2 offers 16 AC. This is leagues behind the other stronger Heavy Armor in the list, but this remains the highest-AC offering among lower-tier Heavy Armor that tanks and melee specialists may encounter in the mid-game.

Nothing beats a chain mail when it comes to the traditional squire look, especially when the Chain Mail Armour +2 exemplifies what the Heavy Armor has to offer in a player’s Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay. The chain mail itself is hidden within a layer of an exterior tabard, making its wearers resemble a traditional medieval knight.

Despite the Chain Mail Armour +2 only offering 18 AC and no special effects, its status as the strongest-available Chain Mail in the RPG makes it a must-have for players who prefer the Chain Mail’s simple design without risking low AC in combat.

Sometimes, plate just won’t cut it when it comes to Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay, especially for players who want a more traditional “mercenary” look for their characters. Those who want to dress up their characters to resemble an armored Geralt of Rivia may appreciate Splint Armour +2.

The Splint Armour boasts artisanal handiwork on the chest detail and belts, created from a combination of different plates on top of a leather base. The armor has 19 AC, far from the most robust plate but still worth the acquisition. Being Heavy Armor, its inherent Stealth penalty may make it tricky for players to sneak past spellcasters who love dishing out AOE spells.

Among the apprentices of forger Carixim of Avernus, Dammon in the Emerald Grove is the most knowledgeable of infernal metallurgy outside its burning realms. When players talk to him in Act 2, they will give them the Flawed Helldusk Armour, an imitation of an original armor that contains a mere fraction of its power.

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Appearing as an ornate piece of Plate Armour with golden details and red cloth, the Flawed Helldusk Armours does not indicate its infernal origins save for its effects. Its Superior Plate feature debuffs all attacks with -1 Piercing Damage. Moreover, its Lesser Infernal Retribution can inflict 1-4 Fire Damage to an enemy within 2 meters of the player that just hit them. With how even a 1 HP opponent can move normally, this “tiny” damage being able to eliminate them for good is invaluable when outnumbered.

Perhaps its appearance as a close imitation of the regular Plate Armor makes the Armour of Devotion quite a worthwhile acquisition. Obtained in Moonrise in Act 2 in a player’s Baldur’s Gate playthrough, the Armour of Devotion heavily resembles full plate but is also quite suitable for Paladins.

Possessing 18 AC, the Armour of Devotion is a Rare Item that allows Paladins to regain their Oath Charge once a day without taking a long rest. Given how Paladins already have limited resources, such a provision can aid in resource management in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Nothing beats fully-kitted tanks when it comes to protecting their team in Baldur’s Gate 3, which is what Plate Armour +2 proves. Boasting 20 AC, this Very Rare Armor is an ornamented golden plate armor with detail that can contend with its more powerful counterparts.

Despite no other benefits, the Plate Armour +2 is still one of the most efficient Heavy Armor pieces. Boasting one of the highest AC stat across its armor type, Plate Armour +2 is a standout for Fighters and Paladins who want to remain tanky without trying to synergize with complicated extra effects.

When players get into the Bhaalist Crypt, they may also want to consider killing That Which Lurks. Players who do this in their Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay may get Blackguard’s Plate as a drop, with the ornate-looking Heavy Armor tainted by its previous ownership of an Oathbreaker.

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In the game, players who equip Blackguard’s Plate get 19 AC on top of Magical Plate, giving a permanent -1 debuff to incoming damage. While players get a Disadvantage on Stealth Checks that make environmental maneuvers difficult, they get an Advantage on Wisdom Saves.

Players who encounter Ketheric Thorm in their Baldur’s Gate 3 experience may be enamored by his plate armor, especially with its chest plate looking eerily like a ribcage. Enjoyers of the RPG who want their players to look like heavily-armored variants of the Diablo Necromancer can attain this piece of equipment by defeating Ketheric Thorm.

When equipped, Reaper’s Embrace gives players 19 AC. It’s made of Magical Plate, providing a permanent -2 to all incoming damage. It also possesses Reaper’s Rigidity, wherein players no are no longer affected by things that force them to move in exchange for a Disadvantage on DEX Saves. Lastly, they gain access to Howl of the Dead Cantrip to add to their arsenal of spells.

When players finally reach the Grymforge in their Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough, they can craft various Adamantine armaments via Mithral Ore and the Splint Mould. With Adamantine being the equivalent of the favored Tolkien Mithril, the Adamantine Splint Armour boasts some of the best defenses in Heavy Armor in the early game.

Acquiring this armor gives players a nifty 17 AC. However, its prominence as a Heavy Armor comes with its Intense Adamantine Backlash that resembles potent Illithid Powers, wherein opponents who miss hitting the player will experience Reeling for 3 turns. This property debuffs enemies with -1 to Attack Rolls, making striking its user and nearby allies much harder.

Whenever forge master Carixim creates accursed armaments within the hellfires of Avernus, neither destiny nor morality ever bothers him. As a result, the regally-adorned Helldusk Armour does nothing but prove the sheer allure of demonic influence toward players. Acquired at the House of Hope, the Helldusk Armour comes at an impressive AC 21 alongside the Helldusk Armour feature, immediately granting Proficiency to anyone wearing it. Even a Wizard like Gale, who usually doesn’t wear Armour, can equip the Helldusk Armour.

It also comes with the Prime Aegis of Fire, giving its users immunity from Burning, Resistance to Fire Damage, and gives -3 to all incoming damage. Its Infernal Retribution also inflicts the Burning status to the caster of a spell that the players manage to Save against.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was released on August 3, 2023, for the PC and is slated for a September 6 release for PlayStation 5.

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Baldur’s Gate 3Armor Class: 16 ACQuality: Very RareEffects: -Ring Mail Armour +2 Armor Class: 18Quality: Very RareEffects: -Chain Mail Armour +2 Armor Class: 19Quality: Very RareEffects: - Splint Armour +2Armor Class: 18Quality: RareEffects: Superior Plate, Lesser Infernal RetributionFlawed Helldusk ArmourArmor Class: 18Quality: RareEffects: Regain an Oath Charge once a dayArmour of Devotion Armor Class: 20 ACQuality: Very RareEffects: -Plate Armour +2 Armor Class: 19Quality: Very RareEffects: Magical PlateBlackguard’s Plate Armor Class: 19Quality: Very RareEffects: Magical Plate, Reaper’s Rigidity, Howl of the Dead, Reaper’s Embrace Armor Class: 17Quality: RareEffects: Intense Adamantine BacklashAdamantine Splint Armour Armor Class: 21Quality: LegendaryEffects: Helldusk Armour, Infernal Retribution, Prime Aegis Of FireHelldusk Armour Baldur’s Gate 3