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Kanye West wants 'authentic and private relationship' as he marries 'low profile' model

Aug 17, 2023Aug 17, 2023

Kanye West is said to be looking for an 'authentic and private relationship' from his new wife ad "low profile" model, Bianca Censori, who experts believe is "easy for Kanye to creatively control"

Kanye West's new relationship with his wife, Bianca Censori, who he married last year has shocked fans as many have never heard of the Austalian model. Having worked as a Yeezy architect and remained out of the spotlight for the majority of her life, Bianca is a different choice for Kanye in comparison to his exes, reality star Kim Kardashian and actress Julia Fox.

However, his choice of a "low profile" wife is more loaded than it seems, as relationship expert and co-founder of So Syncd Louella Alderson exclusively tells us. She said: "The fact that Bianca Censori is not as famous as his exes is likely hugely appealing to Kanye West after his past relationships.

"Kanye loves to have a project and a protégé. He has previously influenced his exes' style, like Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox. So Kanye might want someone he can easily mould into the person he envisions them to be. With Bianca Censori not being famous, it might be easier for him to control and manipulate her image, something he clearly enjoys doing," Louella explained, before adding: "He also holds more influence over how the public perceives her and the attention she receives than he did with Kim and Julia."

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She then theorised that Kanye could have been "prioritising genuine interactions" in his new relationship in a bid to avoid the "media-driven lifestyle" that he would've had from his ex-wife Kim. "There is a possibility that by choosing someone who doesn't chase publicity like his exes, Kanye may be seeking a more authentic and private relationship.

"He might be prioritising genuine interactions. With his recent struggles, Kanye may be looking for a break from the media-driven lifestyle. The attention he got from relationships with Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox might have been too overwhelming for him, so he's looking for a more understated, low-key partner who is more in tune with his current situation," she continued.

Louella concluded by claiming that the Flashing Lights rapper is someone "who needs their ego to be nourished and reinforced." She added: "He also has a mentality where he believes he is the reason behind other peoples' success. You only have to listen to his song, Famous, to see that he believes he made Taylor Swift famous.

"So, if Kanye is looking for someone whom he can control and shape in order to feed his own ego, Bianca Censori could be an ideal choice for him. Her relatively low profile allows him more creative control. And having someone who wasn't famous before him, but is famous because of him, can be very satisfying for him."

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