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I’m a laundry expert

Apr 28, 2024Apr 28, 2024

YOU might think there's no coming back from mouldy clothes - but you'd be wrong.

It turns out there's a way to remove mould from clothing, and it's easier than you might think.

Laundry expert Jeeves, who shares helpful tips on tricks on social media, explained exactly how you get get rid of pesky mould.

The pro explained: "To remove mould using your washing machine they key is the hottest water possible."

You can also add half a cup of Borax substitute straight into the drum of your machine.

Follow that buy two cups of white vinegar, which you can pour into the fabric softener section.

An alternative method it to use chlorine bleach to banish mould.

Jeeves said: "You can also soak your garments in hot water and chlorine bleach, but please make sure you follow the instructions and dilute the chlorine bleach - if you put it on directly it will ruin your clothes."

Before using bleach you should also double check your clothes are suitable by checking the label.

However, if there's only a small amount of mould you can also try the hydrogen peroxide method.

Just rub it in to any small stains of pieces of mould before washing as usual.

"In general, you really want to handle mould in a nice, open air atmosphere.

"Use some gloves, use a mask. You don't want the stuff on your skin and in your lungs, it's not great," the pro added.

After sharing his advice on TikTok other people thanked Jeeves for the simple tricks.

One said: "Great advice! U stuck a wool sweater in a bag and it still smells mouldy after a regular wash, will give this a try."

And another wrote: "Wish I had seen this before I threw away my clothes."